The highly exposure Dinning chair - Acrylic Louis Ghost Chair


The outstanding Louis Ghost chair was designed by one of the personalized talented designer -

Philippe Starck, who have creativity in buildings, cars and juice design, but the most famous designed products are chairs

Ghost Chair was inspired by the superb craft “Louis XIV” decorative artworks from France in the eighteenth century.

This style is mainly reflected in the eighteenth century French cabinet furniture, and then turn to a large number of decorative Louis fifteenth royal family and noble residence of the Rococo type sophisticated new products. At that time, each family are equipped with at least two sets of Louis chair, one for summer use, and the other for winter. While Philippe Starck has transformed the chair into a polycarbonate production line, which has excellent stability and impact resistance. The chair is also elegant and simple, with an impressive transparent material with the multiple color options and suitable for home decoration and public usage.

The acrylic Ghost Chair are made by good hardness and transparency polycarbonate resin, and equipped with round seat back which provide a good lightening reflection. The highly durable characteristic made the chair full of outward extension as if people were wrapped up when sitting on it. With the great catch eye vision effect and outstanding light reflection effect made the acrylic ghost chair become the preferred option when people do interior decoration for their homes. It can be used as a dinning chair, a patio chair or even a leisure outdoor chair.

When In the home environment, the fashionable Louis Ghost Armchair make the space looks in style, and also highlights the master's extraordinary taste. Many well-known fashion magazines, interior design magazines have highly praised this classic chair, in many well-known designed exhibitions or restaurants you can find a really high exposure of this unique Louis ghost chair.


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