Chiavari Chair

We are one of the leading Chiavari chairs manufactures in Qingdao, China. Our factory located in Pingdu city, the rural area of Qingdao. Our production capability can afford wooden and plastic Chiavari chairs for events and weddings worldwide with wholesale prices. Our products are satisfied with many certifications and tests, such as FSC, SGS, TUV, ISO test. And the materials of polypropylene are UV stable; meanwhile, both of the wooden and resin chairs are waterproof and stain resistant. Some models of our Chiavari chairs are stackable which can save more space when you are preparing for events. The weight capacity of our chairs is more than 400kgs, cushions and covers are available. As we are event and wedding furniture supplier, our elegant tables and chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Usually you can find our products in café, bistro, party meeting, weddings, and business events. We have multiple color options for customers to pick, such as Gold, White, Black, Mahogany, Metallic, Crystal, etc. Chiavari chair is one of the most popular products from Welhome, is made from Chinese locust tree wood and selected high quality beech wood which is durable for 10 years quality warranty. As time goes by, some other materials are popular for making chiavari chairs, aluminum, metal, resin are all good substitute for wedding and event furnitures. Moreover, the transparent/ crystal chiavari chair is one of the best selling products in Resin chairs, with 75% of the total production among our plastic chiavari chairs field. The reason for that is the transparent color is appropriate to any occasion in both rental and consuming industry, especially when you equip the crystal chiavari chairs in your wedding/ event under laser light. This modern designed chair will transform and reflect your event into sparking and crystal- clear.

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